How to Search For Images You Can (Legally) Use For Free

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3 min readDec 1, 2022
How to Search For Images You Can (Legally) Use For Free
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If you are a content creator, you must constantly need certain images to style your content for free. There are bunches of ways you can find the proper illustrations, pictures, or vectors free of cost. But sometimes you can get stuck and cannot find the perfect on the screen as it is in your mind, or let’s say you find that image but there is no straight way that the visuals of your dreams are just lying there in peace free.

It is indeed sad but before accusing your every search of a sad ending, hear me out; what if I told you that there are hundreds, not even one or two; literally hundreds of websites that are providing you with the images you will ever need for your site, where you don’t have to pull a penny out of the wallet, no copyright issues, no watermark, and royalty-free. And yes you guessed it right; I am going to break the ice of your frustrating searches. Moving on let us talk about how?

Here’s the guide to your new adventure, buckle up, and good luck:


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Google is the most overlooked resource of amazing audio, pictures, and music libraries. It is a very ordinary method but it is overlooked quite often.

First of all, you have to open your Google search bar.

Let us consider that you are an illustrator of a dark academia book, search for dark academia, and click images.

After clicking on images you will see a bunch of images related to your search, but all of them are copyright reserved.

Now here is the trick, now you have to click on tools, click on the usage rights, and then lastly there will be two options; the creative commons licenses and the commercial and other licenses.

Select your preferred option and boom; now you have gotten perfect photos for your book illustration without spending a single penny.

Websites/ apps:

Until now you have only heard about the purchase-in apps or websites such as PicsArt, adobe, or Canva. Usually, they either have a 7-day trial thing or the black Friday sale which will cause you to have second thoughts, think again about the money you saved for the jingle bells, are you going to waste them purchasing a 7- day trial? Even when you can have the best stock of pictures without money? Are you still going to let your money run down the drain?

Introducing you to the site of your dreams and your jingle bells’ savior;; where you can explore new creative horizons with over 2 million FREE high-quality stock photos, 2D vectors, and 3D illustrations.

No watermark, no image copyright, royalty-free, images aka heaven one search away.

Apps like Reshot, Pixabay, Unsplash, Pictography, and other sites can also come in handy when you have to find images of diverse ideas with ease.

These applications do have quick and free image editing tools that allow the user to make his\her own formats and customize his content as desired.



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