Can You Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles?

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Metal Roofing Over Shingles
Metal Roofing Over Shingles (Image source:

Having a metal room in your house will be the best choice you have made so far. Even if you don’t have a melt, you can still rectify that situation and have your roof replaced. Metal roofs are better because they will help battle all the environmental conditions while keeping your house protected from wind and rain damage.

Metal roofs last longer than other roofs as well, and they stay in a very good state for longer periods. Replacing an entire roof can be a cup of earned expense for some people. That is why you need to find a middle ground, placing this metal over the previous one.

Can You Placemark Roof Over Shingles?

Metal roof over shingles is a question that has a straightforward answer. You can install the metal roof over shingles with great ease. When you have to replace your roof, the higher cost will make you think twice about it. Along with that, this will require much work, which you can avoid by installing metal sheets over shingles. If you have been giving serious thought to this, you need to make up your mind sooner before the environment can cause further damage to your roof.

Because metal roofs can be easily installed over shingles, the treason is because the metal sheet is very lightweight. You might need to consider that the only thing before this process is to check with local building guidelines. See if they even allow such roofing methods in your neighborhood. If you can get the approval, you can have a metal roof installed without any problem.

Metal roof over shingles
Metal roof over shingles (image source:

The Benefit Of Metal Roof Over Shingles

Metal roofs are better over shingles because they are long-lasting. Metal roofs can also be recycled easily, whereas shingles are not recycled that frequently. With metal roofing, you require much less maintenance as compared to shingles. Metal roofs are also cheap and can easily be managed, whereas even removing shingles can cost you a lot. So, to save your money, you need to have a metal roof installed over the shingles.

Ensure Strength Of Shingles

Before the metal roof can be installed over the top of shingles, it is made sure that the shingles are in good shape. It is ensured that the plywood has no soft spots. When you bear installing the metal roof, it is done with the help of nails and hooks. But to insert those nails to secure metal roofs, it should be made sure that the shingles are in a good state before. Otherwise, it will only increase work for you. Having it checked in the installation access is better than having a metal roof installed only to regret it later.

Get Approval

Approval from local building g authorities is very important. In some areas, a person can have more than two layers as roofing, and that is why installing a metal sheet on top of that would be impossible; these restrictions are there because in some areas, this roofing can cause the trusses to fall and you won’t even have the roof that you already had on your house.

How To Install A Metal Roof?

Installing a metal roof is quite easy, but have experts come over and do it for you. Even though metal roofing is quite light, you shouldn’t risk damaging it. have the professionals come and install this roof over the shingles. There are two ways by which they will install metal roof over shingles, and they are as follow.

A new underlayment is placed over the top of the existing roof. That will help this new underlayment act as a defense mode against the water so that shingles roofing material present beneath it doesn’t get upset. Without this layer to defend against water, the shingles granules will wear away, and there will be no support for the metal roof itself. Even if a metal roof provides full protection to the house, some water can still seep through the joining parts, which can create problems later on.

Another method is that the metal roofing is placed over the shingles with the help of purlins and battens. These purlins and battens are attached to the roof itself. This provides support to the metal roofing, and this way, this roof will be a flat surface. When there are no irregular o9 shingles beneath the metal roof, that means the chance of water passing through it is a lot less.

How To Install A Metal Roof?
How To Install A Metal Roof? (image source:

Roofing contractors

There are other methods too by which a roofing contractor can install metal roof over shingles roof. When you don’t have to remove shingles. The whole process is very inexpensive and easier to do, which means that these roofing contractors won’t charge you much. Hiring this roofing on your own is for sure an act of bravery. However, if you are inexperienced, you will hurt yourself, so it is better to hire roofing contractors.


This is all you needed to know about installing metal roofs over shingles. The whole process is very important and is very economical. You can have the roofing contractors hired and can have them work on your metal roof.



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